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Our company, which has been continuing its wholesale activities in Turkey since 1971, took steps to become the strongest name in online wholesale shopping in 2010. Over the past 15 years, our company has made significant contributions to the development and spread of wholesale e-commerce, in addition to employing qualified people in the sector, and has managed to become number 1 among the most followed sites in its field with the applications made.

We have come to this day with the dreams we had and the goals we achieved. We are confident that we will improve online wholesale shopping and make a difference as always with our service approach. 

As product groups, we initially serve in the shoe industry, but we plan to expand into textile and clothing accessories in the future. is a subsidiary of ENGİN Shoes. 


Founded in 2010, Waves Sport Wholesale Shoe Company started its operations with the mission of supplying quality products at affordable prices in the shoe industry. Our company offers a wide collection of shoes and aims to offer a variety suitable for different styles and needs.

Our organization is committed to providing our customers with high-quality shoes at affordable prices. The cornerstone of our business is reliability and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a competitive advantage to retailers and other businesses by offering quality shoes to diversify their stock.

By adopting a customer-focused approach, we offer a flexible service to meet our customers' specific requirements. At the same time, we keep our collection up to date by following the latest shoe fashion.

As Waves Sport Wholesale Shoe Company, we aim to establish long-term business relationships with our customers and support their success. Working with us will give you increased access to an inventory of quality shoes and customer satisfaction.

By contacting us, you can learn how we can help with your wholesale shoe needs. Our customer service team will be happy to support you every step of the way."

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