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Our team


Engin G.roup family  We are managed by a strong and diverse team behind our successes. Our team brings together industry experience, passion and professionalism, reflecting our commitment to providing the best service to our customers.

Management team:Our company's management team takes the leadership in realizing our strategic vision. He directs the success of our company with his industry knowledge, business strategies and management skills.

Sales and Customer Services:Customer satisfaction is one of the priorities of our company. Our sales and customer service team responds quickly and effectively to our customers' needs. Welcomes and takes care of you in our store  and offers them the best products.

Logistics and Distribution: Ensuring that our products reach customers worldwide without any problems is the area of expertise of our logistics and distribution team. They work to optimize delivery times and efficiency.

Our employees: Our employees, one of our company's greatest assets, are part of our determination to make our business better every day. They are a team with integrity and work ethic that we enjoy working with.

For us, teamwork is a journey where each of us comes together to maximize our abilities and add value to our customers. This great team lies behind the success of our company.

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