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Human Resources

As Engin Group, our approach to human resources is based on the principles summarized below, based on the awareness that people are the most important element of our company's achievement and development of its goals.


As Engin Group, we see our employees' determination to succeed as a symbol of our corporate strength.


To apply directly to our  Send your CV to the e-mail address. The submitted CVs will be saved in our database and you will be contacted if a suitable position becomes available.


If you believe that you can make a difference and want to be a part of our team, you can apply immediately from our contact page.


Engin Group; It ensures that ethical rules and equality of opportunity are applied in all practices without exception.


  • To select and assign people suitable for the competency of the task


  • Adopting a working principle based on the power of unity created by individuals and a "we" policy, not "me"


  • To provide a working environment where all company employees can use and develop their talents and skills


  • To provide internal and external training and development opportunities to company employees according to the company's goal and the personnel's career plan.


  • Develop and implement systems that encourage and reward success

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